August 6th 2016

Well a trip to Ireland and Cork Week – what a great regatta, friendly fun and competitive. I found myself with a bunch of crazy Irishmen on a J 80 in the sport boat class, trimming mainsheet.  Fun, fast and furious, the most competitive racing I have done for years.  We made 4th. Surely this (sport boat racing) is the way forward – let us expand out 1720 fleet.

These boats can be picked up fairly cheaply in UK / Ireland and we already have the nucleus of a fleet. Camping in the boat park was OK and I certainly made a new friend called Murphy who worked behind the bar in the RCYC.  Shook hands with him every night. Perhaps Angie could even think of having him around the Club Sushi & Steak House bar. He’s a nice frothy guy.

At Cork I saw Louay Habib, Michael Boyd, and quite a few other regular Antigua sailors.

Then I raced in my local regatta, Solway YC’s Kippford Week, in a borrowed Flying Fifteen. I’m ashamed to say an old boat, (1991 sails), an old crew and even older helmsman resulted in last place. C’est la Vie. I guess I am past my sell by date for dinghies!

However on the bright side both RCYC and SYC certainly know of Antigua Yacht Club and I certainly flew the flag for the club.

I hope I may get a few more sailing ventures (hopefully in warmer climes) before I get back home Oct/04 to resume my duties as Fleet Captain.

Till then.

Sandy Mair – AYC Fleet Captain