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    • Sailing Morocco: Unforgettable experiences all along the Atlas Coast 23rd October 2019
      Jessie Zevalkink and Luke Yeates cast aside their doubts to cruise Morocco’s Atlas Coast. This is their story of their African sailing adventure...All photos: Jessie Zevalkink Air is chopped in the distance. Our ears swell as an ill-defined dot appears, growing larger in diameter. The helicopter …Continue reading » The post Sailing Morocco: Unforgettable experiences […]
      Yachting World
    • Melges 40: Onboard the unique lightweight racer taking the Med by storm 22nd October 2019
      The Melges 40 is the only canting-keel production one-design yacht in the world. Andi Robertson explains what makes it extraordinary Each year the curtain rises on the Mediterranean grand prix regatta season at the PalmaVela. The increasingly popular event is …Continue reading » The post Melges 40: Onboard the unique lightweight racer taking the Med […]
      Yachting World
    • Light winds and strong currents: How to keep moving in strong tides 21st October 2019
      Pro sailor and match racer Paul Campbell-James shares his top tips for dealing with light winds and strong tides with Andy RiceCompetitors in this year’s La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro faced exceptionally strong currents combined with light winds while racing off Alderney. Photo: Alexis Courcoux When the wind is light and the current is strong, […]
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    • How to reduce sail in a hurry: Top tips from pro racer Pip Hare 17th October 2019
      Taking headsails down in a hurry can be a fraught time for any sailor – especially at night. These are the times when crew can be easily hurt or sails damaged so the manoeuvres should be well rehearsed. Here are some of my top tips for getting sail down in a hurry, and avoiding common […]
      Pip Hare
    • Lofoten Islands: Is this Arctic paradise the world’s most beautiful place? 16th October 2019
      Emily Caruso is blown away by the beauty of Norway’s Lofoten Islands, which have been described as the world’s most beautiful placeOriole alongside her sister ship Hummingbird I could already feel the wind pick up while I was sitting at the navstation of the Bowman 57 Oriole …Continue reading » The post Lofoten Islands: Is […]
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    • AAL: The volcanic yacht aiming for a fossil-free circumnavigation 15th October 2019
      AAL is an Open 60-style yacht made of volcanic fibres. It is designed to be sustainable, and to sail a complete around the world loop that includes the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans Les Sables d’Olonne is used to waving off circumnavigators – the Vendée Globe, and most recently the Golden Globe, solo …Continue reading » […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Racing multihulls: 5 tips for making the switch from monohulls 14th October 2019
      Round the world sailor and record holder Brian Thompson is in demand among performance cat racing teams and cruising owners for his multihull skills. He has tips for Andy Rice on switching from one hull to twoPerformance and cruising catamarans require a skillset readjustment for sailors more used to monohulls. Photo: Jesús Renedo For a […]
      Yachting World
    • Road to the America’s Cup podcast episode 2: How the AC75 will fly 10th October 2019
      In recent weeks we have seen the first AC75s start to fly, but the engineering and sailing techniques needed to get these new monohulls to foil are very different to the catamarans of the previous Cup cyclesFlaps on the T-foils is a big change for this Cup. Photo: Harry KH / Ineos Team UK America’s […]
      Yachting World
    • Sailing Tasmania: Bucket list cruising across the Bass Strait 9th October 2019
      Cruising in the ‘roaring forties’ proves rewarding for Janneke Kuysters as she braves the Bass Strait to explore TasmaniaPhoto: Alamy / Alistair Scott “No pizza today.” When this announcement is made at Port Cygnet Sailing Club, all conversations among members in the clubhouse …Continue reading » The post Sailing Tasmania: Bucket list cruising across the […]
      Yachting World
    • LA 28: The modern trailable boat that’s cold-molded from mahogany 8th October 2019
      The LA 28 is a beautiful, cold-moulded wooden trailer-sailer that was designed to be unique, and has now sold nine boats across Europe. Sam Fortescue steps on board Appropriately, it’s a long train ride through thick, thick forest before I reach the LA Yachts yard on the banks …Continue reading » The post LA 28: […]
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