Members Dockage

Adjacent to the Club


Antigua Yacht Club Dockage Agreement

Regulations Concerning use of the AYC Dock

  • The AYC Dock is available only to Full and Life Members of AYC unless by prior agreement by the Board.
  • Yachts may only be brought into the dock by prior reservation with the AYC Office and will be on a weekly basis unless otherwise approved by AYC Management. Reservations may be made no earlier than 30 days in advance of the intended arrival date.
  • The maximum period a berth may be booked for is 7 days, although this period may be extended on a weekly basis  if no other member requires it. The yacht asked to leave the dock will be the one who has been longest on the dock, assuming that berth has sufficient water for the new yacht.
  • During busy periods and once all the berths have been allocated there is the opportunity for extra yachts to “hang off” yachts on the dock. Pre booking will still be required.
  • Dinghies are not to be stored on the Boardwalk, but when put ashore should be kept in the allocated area or racks.
  • Deployed anchors and warps are to be retrieved upon departure at the end of the berthing period. If not done so AYC reserves the right to recover said mooring equipment and charge the member for doing so.
  • Yachts being used for commercial purposes will not be accepted onto the dock.
  • Supply of electricity is not an obligation of AYC. When available electricity may be used on an intermittent basis but not as a permanent supply to the yacht. Power cables are not to be left connected and must be removed when the intermittent use is finished.
  • Water, when available, may be taken FOC, but members are asked to respect the cost of this to AYC and minimise their requirements.
  • Whilst members may “Overnight” on yachts berthed at the dock with prior permission for a maximum of 3 nights in succession, living on board is not permitted.
  • Whilst on the AYC Dock yachts shall not:
  • Display signs or notices unless with the permission of the AYC Management
  • Use heads unless the yacht has a holding tank or sewage disposal system in use
  • Dispose of garbage on the docks or Yacht Club Property
  • Pump oily bilge water overboard
  • Hang out laundry above deck
  • Use any open flame appliance above deck
  • Painting, scraping and repairing of gear shall only be permitted at the discretion and with the permission of the AYC management. Storing of equipment, working on gear or stashing of debris on the dock deck shall not be permitted
  • If any member believes that another is abusing the privilege of being able to use the dock they should inform The Board in writing and their observations will be considered at the next Board Meeting.    Revised January 2019