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Over the past few years AYC have been concentrating on the future. This is reflected in our Youth Training Programme headed up by Senior Instructor & Antiguan Olympian Karl James and his team. The results speak for themselves, and we are very proud of our Antiguan youngsters who have gone on to perform extremely well on the International stage. Please support them as they all have the ability to go onto bigger and better things to make Antigua even more proud of them!


Jalese was born in 2001.

Her sailing career to date:

Sailing is the passion of fifteen (15) year old Jalese Gordon.   She has been given many opportunities to participate in Regattas of varying levels.  These include: Dinghy Championships – local and regional as well as famous The Orange Bowl in Florida, World Sailing Emerging Nations Events.  Jalese’s rise through the ranks from Optimist right through to Laser Radials had allowed her much needed growth.  Below is just a few of her accomplishments as it pertains to her skill-sets in this wonderful sport-SAILING.


  • She participated in her first Regatta here in Antigua representing the St. Maarten team in August of 2012, where she was the youngest sailor (10 years old).
  • January 2013, she travelled to San Juan where she secured the 9th position of twenty-nine participants. This was her 2nd Regional competition.
  • In February of 2013 she took part in the Sailing and Rum Fest at Jolly Harbour and swept up spot # 3 of twelve sailors, some of whom were adults. This earned her an award which was presented to her by the Hon. John Maginley – Then Minister of Sports.
  • She also travelled to Tortola BVI for races held in May, 2013 where she also did quite well, taking a spot in the first quarter of her fleet
  • The Orange Bowl Regatta in Florida, which ran from December 25th – December 30th, 2013 and 2014 were great growth experiences for her as well. It was the first event of its type for Jalese as she was competing with over two hundred boats in her class.  From all accounts she was able to make a mark as she was mentioned in the Antigua nice news clip.
  • During February 2014 Jalese travelled to San Juan once again and swept up 2nd place in the Optimist Blue Fleet in the 13th International Regatta and 1st place in the Optimist Advanced Fleet for girls.


Her constant improvement in the sport has led to her swift transfer from Opti Class to Laser Class.  As such, her most recent competitions were in that class.

  • December 2015, she held 14th position in the Orange Bowl Regatta in Florida
  • In February 2016 she attained 2nd place in San Juan Pan Pepin International Dinghy Regatta
  • 1st place was her spot when she competed in the Antigua Laser Open in March of 2016


Jalese took part in our annual international regatta, Antigua Sailing Week 2016 where she was a part of HUGO, the overall winning crew.  This qualified her for the opportunity to take part in the Nonsuch Bay Ragatta later that year where she was part of a three-man 😊 squad.  Being the youngest squad, a 2nd place victory earned them a spot in the local evening news where their impressive performance was mentioned. 

  • 3rd place at the World Sailing Emerging Nations Clinic & Regatta

The above accomplishment presented the opportunity of a fully paid sailing scholarship to China by ISAF in December 2017 to represent Antigua.

Photo complements ~ Ann Granger




Photo complements ~ Ann Granger
Photo complements ~ Ann Granger
Photo complements ~ Ann Granger