Updated Safety Protocol February 2021.

Antigua Yacht Club Operating Procedure during COVID-19 situation
Dear Young Sailors, Members and Parents,
AYC are planning on restarting the Sailing Program as of 20th February 2021.
Please note that it may be necessary to restrict sailing for some more inexperienced sailors and double handed sailing will not be permitted.
We hope to be able to also provide some safety coverage for members not involved in the Sailing Program but times will be restricted.
A payment will be required, depending on the level of instruction we feel we’ll be able to provide.
While Social Distancing needs to be adhered to, we will also introduce the following procedures:

  • A strict schedule will be adhered to and will be promulgated as soon possible. It will be obviously designed around school times etc.
  • No sailor should be allowed to attend if showing any symptoms of ill-health, be they COVID-19 based or not
  • No more than a total 0f 10 persons will be on AYC premises at any one time (max 5 sailors). We will do our best to ensure groups are designed to take families/close friends into account but do not guarantee it.
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided on arrival and mouths and noses shall be covered at all times, including on the water. Thermometers are also available if deemed necessary.
  • Each group of 5 sailors will be given an arrival time to rig their boats, have an open air briefing and launch with an instructor on the water with them.
  • The next group will arrive 15 mins after the first group and so on until all sailors are on the water.
  • Only one sailor and one instructor shall be inside the Sailing Centre at any one time
  • No raft-ups will happen on the water.
  • The return times will also be staggered, allowing time for the previous group time to de-rig and leave the premises.
  • All sailing will stop at 1630 to allow time to clear up, close the Sailing Centre at 1700 and allow folks to get home by curfew.

We will keep the above under review at all times and amend it as Govt. advice/requirements dictate.

It would help us in our planning to have an idea who is interested in participating so please register your interest by replying to this e-mail: events@yachtclub.ag or contact Karl direct.

Risk Assessment can be viewed and downloaded – Here