eSailing – Virtual Regatta Inshore for AYC Members
During these challenging times, AYC is certainly thinking of ways to keep our members engaged whilst following the Government guidelines on social distancing.

Virtual Regatta – eSailing
Virtual Regatta (eSailing) Inshore is aimed at everyone from expert sailors to newbies and can bring the excitement of small sailboat racing to your home.   It’s easy to use and allows you to compete against thousands of others all around the world in a range of different small sailboats and world-class sailing destinations.  It even has a ‘sailing school’ feature so people newer to the sport can learn how to sail from the comfort of their own home.

Our club has been given free VIP pass for the next 12 months!

AYC Custom Races

AYC has created a custom race where our members are invited to sail daily.

The App is available for download on the App Store or Google Play store – Search for Virtual Racing Inshore or click – here

Instructions on creating your profile, walk through & top tips are available – Here

Access Code to AYC’s custom  races – to access the races, please contact our Dinghy Sailing Manager Karl James who will add you to his Whatsapp Group where you will be notified of races times and other sailing instructions.  Contact him at 1 268 728 – 5045.

Have Fun!

Keeping safe online

We hope and trust that everyone will enjoy eSailing with Virtual Regatta safely and responsibly, treating other competitors of all ages with respect.  If a young person aged under 18 feels uncomfortable or intimidated by any message received via Virtual Regatta, they can find useful contact details, advice and information here.

More Information: 
The free-to-play online game provides players with an opportunity to race against friends, fellow sailors and real-world Olympic champions. All players from the United Kingdom will automatically be entered into the exclusive GBR eSailing National Championship, racing the same challenges, seasons and playoffs as the eSailing World Championship and ranking both nationally and globally.