Entry Fee is EC$30 per person   – View and Download Entry Form – Here


1. Fishing will be inside Falmouth Harbour, no further than Bishop Reef Mark and Practor Point either by boats or on land.

2. All fish caught must be 10 inches or bigger.

3. No sharks, stingrays, eels, barracudas, tarpons, hedgehog, gar or remora will not be weighed.  (Parrot Fish is out of season)

4. Lines at 5 pm and all boats and anglers must be back at the AYC by 8:30 pm otherwise you will be disqualified.

5. All fish must be caught on hand line, rod and reel, no one is allowed to use nets, fish pot or spear guns, etc.

This is a fun tournament so we expect everyone to be honest

” Limited supply of bate available for sale”