Instructions for subscribing to automatic website update notifications. IT IS FREE!!

  1. Visit

You will see this page:


  1. Enter the email address you wish to receive website update notifications and create an account password. Select “Remember Me” and then click “Login”.
  1. On the page that follows you are interested in this section:

 Add URL

  1. Visit our website and copy and paste our URL into the white section. Click “Monitor”. You will be directed to this page:


  1. Select “Alerts” and when the box opens select “Settings” in the bottom RH corner.

 Alerts Box Open

  1. When “Settings” open you can select the frequency and time of day that you wish to receive Antigua Yacht Club website updates. Once chosen click “Save”.

 Update Schedule

That’s it!

Please take a few moments to complete the above procedure as we intend our new website to become the main line of communication with the membership to bring you news and updates on a far more regular basis than the current “Mail Chimp” email updates.

Antigua Yacht Club is YOUR Club and we want you all to be completely involved on a regular basis on what is going on.