I think we have –
Rebel, Sleeper, Cricket, Blue Peter, Liquid, Taz, Regardless, + Summer Cloud,and Alexis ?, confirmed.   Ocean Harmony, Full Monty, Volare, Valient, Sam, + cruiser possibles
Update to All –
Windguru continues to show not much wind.  Disappointing after all the decent breeze we’ve had since Christmas.   But sometimes Windguru is wrong.
The general concensus is that we HAVE A RACE on the day  as stated.     So –
If the wind is light we go anti-clockwise as planned and finish at Sandy Island.  This is good for JHYC boats and the rest of us motor home.   However if is very light  I don’t want the small boats with small motors stuck on the east side of the island with a long long motor home.  The plan is for everyone to be back at AYC by 5pm latest.
The alternates can be –
Race around Sandy Island and back  – but may be even less wind on leeward side of island.  ??                                       )      Both these courses could be 10.00 am start all together which is a bit more
Race around a (virtual ?) mark off, say, Indian Town Point and back – gives all wind angles and more open sea racing. )      crew friendly
Cancel and leapfrog our race onto the RORC race on Friday 17 Feb.  – if RORC agree. give rum prize for that.
However we have promoted a RTIR party at Barb- B’s on Saturday night and she has (and myself)  gone to some lengths to make this happen so I am reluctant to cancel.
Programme for the party is –
6.00 / 6.30 pm.   weigh-in for the skipper’s weight in rum.    (should this still be presented if we don’t go all the way around ?)
6.30 / 7.00 pm.  International penny potting championship
7.00 / 7.30         Teams tug-o war
7.30 pm on –     The  famous “Miss Round Antigua’ Queen competition
Plus –                 Any other silly games anyone can think of
You DO NOT need to be entered / compete in RTIR to put in a team for any of the other events – we hope lots of “Marina Bound” boats will take part.  There are lots of pretty guys siting on boats in the marinas.  Come out there and show us your legs.
So let’s all be optimistic – the race is still on.
Further update tomorrow morning and final decision at Skipper’s briefing   Friday 6.00 pm
Sandy Mair
AYC Fleet Captain.