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Hullo All,
We have started the Thursday evening race again at AYC – so far we have raced 3 evenings, mostly Lasers but four of five yachts also turning out for 3 short races per evening.  It is fun and we meet up for a get together in the AYC bar afterwards.
To cement the evening as a club evening and regenerate some club spirit we intend to try “Thursday Night at the Yacht Club” with some sort after race function in the club room.   To kick the event off,  this Thursday 19/Jan. Andrew Dove from North Sails has kindly agreed to give a talk on “Sails, Sailamking, Sailcloth and the History of the Ameicas’s Cup sails”    Andrew has given this talk to other yacht clubs and has a very professional talk planned.  I am sure it will be well worth attending.  I hope as many people as possible will support Andrew in this initial venture.
We need other volunteers for ideas – anything – for future evenings.
A film, a darts competition, a rules seminar, a country dance evening, someone’s summer cruise, a card night,  etc. etc.   Or just a group dinner at one of our great restaurants.
Let us try to do something at least once a month  – better every week if we can find volunteers to be the promoter.
Let’s do it.
Sandy Mair
Fleet Captain.