Sandy Island Race. 22nd January 2022.

This race will be run according to World Sailing RRS 2021-24, and participants are expected to comply
with the national protocols and laws of Antigua and Barbuda regarding COVID 19, PPE, and social
distancing. And any other relevant laws. Each yacht participating is responsible for the people onboard.
This is a friendly, club race and aggressive sailing and yelling rudely at fellow participants is not allowed.
if you think someone is breaking a rule, politely protest them and display a red flag.
Protests should be submitted by email to as soon as possible after the race and
no later than 1600 on race day. The hearing will be held via electronic means, results will be provisional
until after protests are sorted out.
All instructions will be given electronically, and the results will be announced electronically.
Entering and Entry Fees. Yachts wishing to participate must declare this to AYC, either in person or by
phone to Karl James at AYC  728-5045 and the entry fee of 2EC per foot can be paid to the AYC office in person
or by credit card over the phone, the deadline for entries is 1500 hrs. Thursday 20
th January 2022.
Class and rating declaration. Yachts shall declare their preferred class and the rating they will use by 1500
hrs. on the 20thof January 2022 on either the Saturday racing at AYC group, by phone or in person to the
AYC Office 460 1799. final classes will be decided by AYC on 21
st January.
Communications on the day will be on VHF Channel 12 and where needed on the Saturday Racing at AYC
whatsApp group, and by mobile phone where needed to Clare Cupples 783 8815
Time Limit. For all yachts will be 1530. If you think you can’t sail the course in 6 hours and want to sail,
please request an early start time we will offer an early start time of 0830 for slower yachts wishing to
This is a circular course and with the Jolly Harbour yachts taking their time when they go through the
Falmouth harbour line and at the finish, and the Falmouth Harbour yachts taking their time when they
go through the Jolly Harbour line. We will have 3 races, the leg from Jolly to Falmouth, the leg from
Falmouth to Jolly and the entire course.
We do this so that the yachts from Jolly Harbour don’t need to sail to Falmouth for the Start and back to
Jolly after the Finish.
There may be a time check on VHF Ch 12 at 0900 and at 0915 in
any case set your watches to GPS time

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