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Race Instructions – This is a pursuit race and boats will start on a staggered time basis according to their rating.  All boats will be assigned a starting time based on predicted corrected finishing times, with the slowest boats starting first.  Start times will be published upstairs at the AYC Event Centre on Sunday Morning (please take a photo of the start times – do not remove)

There will be four classes – Classic, Cruiser, Cruiser/Racer and Racing.  Only working sails may be used.  Spinnakers, Code 0’s, Mizzen staysails, etc., as well as poles and double headsails are not allowed.  See details below. Prizes will be given to first, second and third in each class.   Additional prizes will be awarded to: Best elapsed time: Worst elapsed time: Best period dress: Best start: Best French Boat:  Best English Boat:  Best Multihull.

Entry fee US$1.5 per foot. – Proceeds in aid of the St. John’s Hospice.

Donations for this great cause are also accepted.

Enter at the Antigua Yacht Club’s Office or online by Friday 29th 3PM. Register & Pay Here – Seasonal Entry Form

Any entries after this time, please contact Fleet Captain Tom Paterson 736-3424.

Any boat with an unpaid entry fee at race start will not be given a finish time.

Starting – The first boat will start at approximately 11:00 hours.  Boats will be responsible for starting at the correct time but will be assisted by the race committee which will notify yachts on VHF Channel 06 of their imminent start time. The call sign is ‘RACE COMMITTEE’. The Race Committee will notify yachts when they have crossed the start line.  A time check will be called out every 5 minutes from 10:45 hours until the first boat starts. From then the committee will endeavour to provide as much time assistance as possible but the boat is responsible for starting at their correct time.  The call sign will be “Committee Fort”.  Boats shall keep clear of the starting area until the final minute before their allocated start time.

Recalls – Any boat starting early will be recalled on VHF Channel 06 and must restart at or after her assigned start time.  If she has not returned and restarted within 5 minutes of her starting time she will be disqualified.

Course – All marks will be orange inflatable buoys.

START               Between a red flag on the hill above the

Pillars of Hercules and a mark to the SW

NELSON            ¼ mile south of the start line                             STARBOARD

VILLENEUVE 195º T – approx. 4.2 miles from Nelson          STARBOARD

(16.55.70ºN, 61.46.60ºW) APPROX

CURTAIN BLUFF    Old Road Bluff                                        STARBOARD

NELSON            ¼ mile south of the start line                            PORT

FINISH              Between a red flag on the hill above the

Pillars of Hercules and a mark to the SW

Finish – All boats must call the Race Committee to identify themselves when rounding Nelson to approach the finish.  Please take note of the name of the boat ahead of you and behind you.

Once finished you MUST keep clear of boats finishing behind you. Any boat deemed to have obstructed a boat finishing once they have finished will be disqualified. This is a pursuit race.  The first boat to cross the line in each class wins.

Safety – This is a “fun” race and aggressive tactics and manoeuvres are frowned upon and the offending yacht may be subject to disqualification if deemed to be unnecessarily risky. 

Prize giving –   31st December at the Officer’s Quarters in the Nelson’s Dockyard.

Chippy’s  “in” famous rum punch will be available starting at 1545.  Please come and mingle, drink rum punch, and discuss the days amazing sailing prior to the prize giving at 1700.
The proceeds of the sale of the rum punch goes to the St John Hospice  so please drink copiously 🤣😃

Sails Allowed

What is allowed

  • Working sails only.
  • Working sails by definition are attached to the masts and forestays and are the sails you use for sailing to weather.
  • These sails may be furled or reefed during the race as required for weather conditions but not dropped completely for a windward beat as then it is obviously not a working windward sail.

What is not allowed

  • Flying sails
  • Flying sails by definition are any sails that are not permanently attached to spars or forestays and require hoisting and dropping during the race.
  • Any sail that enhances downwind performance specifically.
  • Mizzen staysails on furlers.
  • Poles and outriggers of any kind including humans holding onto headsail sheets downwind.
  • Changing sails during a race.
  • The only exception to this is any boat with hank on headsails who deems that the headsail they started with is too big for the beat due to a wind increase during the race. (This is a safety caveat). However this sail change has to take place after rounding the bottom mark – that will take care of any perceived advantage of carrying the bigger sail on the reaches. A change from a smaller headsail to a bigger headsail for these boats during the race due to a decrease in wind strength is not allowed.
  • Boats with head foils cannot change headsails during the race.
  • If for safety’s sake you have to sail outside of these rules due to weather conditions then must do so and retire from the race.

Clarification of the above for our local sailors

  • na fly nothun down wind dat you cyan fly upwind.
  • na use no pole.
  • na even tink bout one second head sail.