Bids are invited to provide meals as described below for competitors and national team members at the Optimist World Championship 2019.  These will be held in the area of English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour over the period 6 – 16 July 2019.  The meals will be required for up 300 young people aged 11-14 and up to 150 adults, from around 60 nations.  They must be served within easy walking distance of the event venue.

Proposals should be made on the basis of a per person per day price, based on the guidelines below and should include sample menus for each meal.  The successful bidder will be required to provide all catering equipment and preparations facilities and hold relevant food safety certificates and insurance.

All proposals should be emailed to:  opticlass@yachtclub.ag.

Bids must be received no later than 1 Aug 2018.  The successful bidder will be notified by no later than 1 Oct 2018.

The menu should be simple, wholesome and international, with special foods available to meet dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, dairy intolerant, halal). Correct nutrition is extremely important to young athletes who are competing in a long championship and, in many cases, still growing


  • Should include a range of cereals, breads, cheese, yoghurts and fruit. • Should include a choice of non-caffeinated liquids, chilled and including juice, water and milk. Coffee and tea should be offered for the adults. • Should include a hot option, including eggs. • Protein is essential in this meal.

LUNCH, packed for consumption on the water:

  • Should be packed in order that it can be taken on the water or eaten beforehand. • Food should be individually wrapped, and a team’s complete lunch should be contained inside a designated cooler with a large quantity of ice. • Should include two large sandwiches or wraps with a range of fillings that can be selected. • Should be simple and not difficult to handle (nothing too spicy). • Can include fruit but must be easy to peel or consume such as an apple or orange. • Can include a granola bar or protein bar. • Caterer may provide a managed sandwich ‘make your own’ facility in order to cut down on waste and labour costs. This station must be monitored.


  • The main course should include unlimited vegetable and salad, carbohydrate and protein. • Meals should not be high fat such as creamy sauces, deep fried, battered. • Unlimited water and juices – limit on soft drinks. • Dessert may be offered.

The entry system is designed to capture information about sailor’s special food needs, including dietary restrictions, lactose and gluten intolerances, and allergies.  A comprehensive list of all sailors with any food requirements will be provided to the selected caterer.  The packed lunches for those sailors with special diets must be clearly marked.