Today, it was a pleasure meeting Anne Vijay who’s dad is a member of the Southern Yacht Club. Established in 1849, the Southern Yacht Club, is the second oldest Yacht Club in the United States of America.

The Southern Yacht Club was founded in 1849 by New Orleans and Gulf Coast residents seeking the camaraderie and challenge of yacht racing in the Mid-Gulf region. As the Corinthian sport of yachting grew in popularity, so did the club. With that growth, came the capacity for more and varied activities at the West End clubhouse. Over the years, Southern Yacht Club has hosted U.S. Presidents, been an important venue for early jazz pioneers, and offered up its clubhouse for Naval operations during World War II. The club has also hosted national and international regattas and produced world-class sailors, including four Olympic medalists. Today, families can meet, swim, dine, exercise, entertain, and of course, learn and hone their sailing and boating skills at Southern Yacht Club. Visit their website to learn more – Here