Dear Members,

By now, you would have heard about the devastation Hurricane Irma has caused on our sister island of Barbuda.  For any member who hasn’t heard, a week ago, they had more than 90% damages and the death of an infant from the passing of a Hurricane Irma, a category 5++++ storm, whose eye passed over the island with winds in excess of 185 miles per hour.  A few days later, the Leeward Islands were once again on storm watch as Hurricane Jose approached and the Government ordered a mandatory evacuation of the 1,800 residents to Antigua.   Barbuda is completely uninhabitable and most of the islanders lost everything.

At a town hall meeting earlier this week with the Government and the Barbudans, the Prime Ministers assured the islanders that his government will rebuild Barbuda with stronger homes and better infrastructure.

The Antigua Yacht Club is partnering with Antigua Barbuda Search and Rescue (ABSAR) to raise funds.   All monies collected by the Antigua Yacht Club will go to ABSAR to assist with medical facilities in Barbuda, develop communications in Barbuda and to assist with the rebuilding of homes.

Donations can be collected by:

Credit Card – Members may call the office and provide card details. 1 268 460 1799

Wire Transfer Instructions.  After your wire is processed, please notify the office by email with your wire receipt so that the payment can be tracked.

Link for Wire Instructions for transfers  in USD, EUR, GBP OR  CAD  – Click Here.

Additional Information to complete Wire transfer: Beneficiary Name: Antigua Yacht Club.  Beneficiary No. 400856.

Cash – payable at the AYC Office

EC$ Cheque – payable to ABSAR.

Essential items are needed. 

Currently, most evacuees are located at various shelters around Antigua.

Members living in Antigua, who wish to contribute, please see the below list of essential items that are currently needed.  (As this changes, the updated list will be available on the Club’s website).

We prefer if items are taken directly to National Office Of Disaster Services (NODS) in St. John’s Antigua. Please contact Ms. Samuel at 462-4207 to make arrangements.

Eleanor Frederick who is a nurse working with the evacuees, contacted the club earlier this week asking permission to use the club’s office as a drop off point for some items.  Arrangements have been made to have such items collected at least twice per week at the Yacht Club’s Office.  Office Opening times – Mondays – Fridays 9am – 5pm.

Items needed are:

Dried/canned foods
Disposable wipes
Water purifiers
Water treatment tablets
Water pumps
Containers for storage

Sleeping cots
Bed linen

Items for Infants/Babies
Dried/canned milk
Nappies (various sizes)
Baby bottles
Toys for children

Toiletries (toothbrushes, tooth paste
Body lotion
Sanitary napkins
Shaving items for both men and women

First aid kits

Kitchen Utensils

Building Material
Roofing material
Nails (assorted)
Screws (assorted)
Screw drivers

Fishing pot wires