AYC Sailors, parents and Coach Karl James participated in the Rocky Challenge this past weekend!

Below is a participation letter from the organisers with information on the challenge. The results of the race are also included.

Enjoy the read!


Dear Participant,
Thank you for coming out to the Rocky Ridge Challenge, we hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again to our sponsors’ Island Provision & Pointe Wharf Processing Plant, along with Wallings for hosting the start and all volunteers and organizers.
Please help us by giving us your honest feedback at https://forms.gle/wfLArPCDjpSydzv68
For those who couldn’t make it on the day, feel free to email and let us know why, as this info could be useful.
For those medalists who left before the ceremony, you can collect your medals at HG Paints on Dickenson Bay road from Wayne Henry. Medals must be collected by Friday this week.
Results Overall Male:
1st Place – Kamar Thomas
2nd Place – Rishi Ramlalack
3rd Place – Junior Martin
Results Overall Female:
1st Place – Lyssandra Barbieri
2nd Place – Margarita Fernandez
3rd Place – Tanika James
11-12 Overall Male:
1st Place – Diego Ewinger
13-14 Overall Male:
1st Place – Shanoy Malone
2nd Place – Dani Edwards
3rd Place – Alistair Knonlauch
13-14 Overall Female:
1st Place – Tanika James
2nd Place – Emily Gaillard
15-17 Overall Male:
1st Place – Devon James
2nd Place – Molijah Williams
3rd Place – Tyriquue Adams
15-17 Overall Female:
1st Place – Eleanor Kndlock
18-25 Overall Male:
1st Place – Tristan Louwrens
2nd Place – Daniel Smit
3rd Place – Tiger Tyson
18-25 Overall Female
1st Place – Tani Butler
2nd Place – Tequilla Browne
26-35 Overall Male
1st Place – Kamar Thomas
2nd Place – Rishi Ramlalack
3rd Place – Junior Martin
26-35 Overall Female
1st Place – Shayne Woods
2nd Place – Jenna Mac
3rd Place – Hesther-Charles Meade
36-45 Overall Male
1st Place – Micah Gore
2nd Place – Dale Gore
3rd Place – Kamal Moursy
36-45 Overall Female
1st Place – Jo Robson
2nd Place – Takisha Hampson
3rd Place – Hannah Elizabeth Gonsalves
46-55 Overall Male
1st Place – Karl James
2nd Place – Dayson Brewster
3rd Place – Hillroy Connon Browne
46-55 Overall Female
1st Place – Lyssandra Barbieri
2nd Place – Margarita Fernandez
3rd Place – Leslie Henry
56 and Over Male
1st Place – Ira Fabian
2nd Place – Peter Wall
3rd Place – John Swift
Full results and times will be published/sent out by this evening. Just a few more to type up after work today.
Next up is the Rohrman Barbuda on Saturday, February 27th. We have extended the early bird $100 special until this Friday January 22nd. You must pay by Wayne Henry at HG Paints on Dickenson Bay road before then as after the price goes up to $150. The fee is inclusive of return ferry travel. You must sign up online as well, but your spot is only secure after payment and the cost depends on when you pay, not when you sign up. Sign up at https://forms.gle/D69mAmdSwG9va6vn8
For those who are confused, it is a swim OR bike OR hike. You can only do one of the three, as each event will start at the same time. It is three separate events and NOT a triathlon.
Facebook Rohrman Barbuda (2).png
Facebook Rohrman Barbuda (5) – Copy.png
Facebook Rohrman Barbuda (6).png
Special thanks to all those volunteers and organizers who helped make Rocky Ridge possible. Thanks to Rishi Ramlalack, Andre Lewis, Alistair Savory & Road Runners and SO Ltd, Cordova Popoy Simon, and Hurricane Power Athletic Club, Ira Fabian, Justine Butler, Kita Butler, Keiffer Lee, Jerome Henry, Theoni Roach, Jake Wong, Kelvin Isaac, Julia Meyer, Andre Simon, Karl James, Peter Wall, Wayne Henry, Denise, Williams, Randy St-Jean, John Swift, and everyone else who chipped in.
Thanks again to Daniel at Island Provision for the water, Wesley Simon for the ice from Point Wharf, Maria Tyrell for the Rocky Ridge sign, and Reffica Attwood for letting us start at Wallings.
If you wish to be part of the volunteer core for the next event shoot me an email or WhatsApp and let me know.
Best Regards,
Rory Butler
Rohrman Director
1 268 771 3825