17th October 2019

The Nominating Committee has produced a slate for the AYC Board of Directors

to be submitted to the membership at the AGM Tuesday 26th November 2019.


Commodore                               Franklyn Braithwaite

Vice Commodore                     Clare Cupples-Leader

Rear Commodore                     Ashley Rhodes

Hon. Treasurer                         Lorna Saunders

Hon. Secretary                         Gillian Gobinet

Dinghy Fleet Captain               McGyver Donelan

Fleet Captain                            Mervyn Gutteridge

Power Boat Captain                 Steve Carson

Classic Fleet Captain                Gillian Gobinet

House and Grounds                 Steven Spanis

Social Director                         Dave Fitzmaurice

Director at Large                      Jonty Layfield

If you wish to stand or have, with their written approval, someone you wish to nominate, please contact me annpearlayres@gmail.com tel 1268 764 7172 or Nesie at the club office for instructions.

Ann Ayres

Nominating Committee