Rules and Restrictions – 2018

Due to the very limited available parking spaces it is essential that restrictions apply and that parking is time limited.

1) Access to the AYC Car Park is gained by use of a personally purchased gate clicker only. (See AYC Office for current charge)

2) Parking is limited to 3 hours in any 24 hour period.
3) No overnight parking is permitted.

4) Parking should normally be as a direct result of AYC business.

5) The 2 AYC restaurants and AYCM owner have 1 parking space each.

6) The AYC reserves the right to suspend parking during regattas and any

other AYC arranged event.

7) Parking is restricted to AYC members only – members are not permitted to allow associates or clients access to the car park under any circumstances

Access will be allowed for the following:

  1. Deliveries to AYC Restaurants
  2. Vehicles involved in regattas / AYC events (e.g. approved suppliers/ production organizers)
  3. Local companies delivering equipment to boats on the AYCM dock.

      Time limited to 30 mins.

Advance notice will be emailed to all members prior to any planned closure.

Damage to the barrier will result in the cost for a replacement and the labour incurred.

AYC Board April 2018