Antigua wins the Nations Cup in the 2023 Caribbean Dinghy Championships in Martinique.
October 29, 2023 –Scholecher Martinique.
During the final day of racing of the 2023 Caribbean Dinghy Championships in Martinique 3 races were completed in shifty wind conditions, varying between 8 and 15 knots.
In almost all classes the individual ranking changed with these extra 3 races; the competition was tough.
The Caribbean Dinghy Championships are known for their individual ranking per class and the ‘Nations Cup’, combining the best nations results.
In the ILCA 7 Shanoy Malone representing Antigua remained unbeaten and completed the series with 3 wins, an impressive result. In second place Bruno Aglae representing Martinique, followed by Josiah Alexis representing Trinidad and Tobago.
The ILCA 6 class was won by Ozani Lafond (ANT) with 8 points out of 10 races, he remained unbeaten as well. Stefan Stuven from Trinidad and Tobago took second place, followed by Marius Malody representing Martinique.
In the ILCA 4 class Martinique took the win, Luk Moreau Dhallenne finished the regatta in first position with 11 points, followed by Emily Gaillard from Antigua in second position. Rio Stomp representing St. Maarten finished in third position.
The Fusion Class was won by Sevan Nicolas and Sosa Camilio representing Martinique with 9 points out of 10 races, followed by Veronica Destin and Oskar Jarrett Versteegden representing St. Maarten. Elijah Gibston and Zev Bowman, representing Trinidad and Tobago finished in third place.
Patrick Greensmith from Antigua took the win in the Optimist class with 10 points out of 10 races. Luka Rose Eloise, representing Martinique came in second place, followed by Nathan Sheppard from St. Maarten in third position.
In the Nations Cup Ranking the following results were presented; in 6th place St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados in 5th, Trinidad and Tobago in 4th place, Sint Maarten in third place, Martinique in 2nd place and Antigua took home the Nations Cup trophy in first place. The trophy was presented by the CSA representative Saskia Revelman and the mayor of Schoelcher. This is the third win in a row for Antigua, in 2019 and in 2022 team Antigua won the Nations Cup as well.
The CSA thanks CN Schoelcher for their hospitality, organization and a very warm welcome.
Repost: Caribbean Sailing Association