Ann Ayres, Life Member, AYC.
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Ann Ayres, long time Member of AYC.
Ann, and husband John Ayres, arrived in Antigua on their yacht “Solan Goose” in 1969. Together they formed and operated The Signal Locker in Nelson Dockyard, offering electronic services to the growing Yachting Community.
Ann and John, returned to the UK in 1973.  Shortly after their arrival back in the UK daughter Jane was born.  They sailed back to Antigua with baby Jane on board. A voyage, once planned, could not be postponed forever. Ann as usual, stood her watches, cooked for 4 and endured an exceptional storm and raised the spirits of everyone.
In 1983, The Ayes Family sold Signal Locker to Cap Green. Signal Locker operates to this day!
Ann and John, returned to the UK in 1983 to put Jane through school. Ann had a well deserved 5 year break from work in a stunning part of Devon, which she did not waste in idleness, and John started a career with a government service which cannot be named. The end of the Cold War came shortly after.
When they next returned to Antigua in 1994. They started Cay Electronics, in English Harbour, building their new home in Dieppe Bay.
Over these many years, Ann volunteered for Committee work on the AYC Board. Ann was very active with Antigua Sailing Week, the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and other dinghy and Keel Boat events.
AYC depends and thrives on the contribution of Volunteers. Ann epitomized Volunteering. Ann continued to serve as the Head of The Nominating Committee for several years including 2021.
Ann and John were among the first to upgrade to the Life Family Membership. Life Members, along with other measures, saved the Club from declaring insolvency in 1988.
AYC mourns the death of this Club stalwart, Ann.
R.I.P. Ann. Fair winds sailor.
AYC extends our prayers and thoughts to John, Jane, and grandson Jacob.

to John, Jane, and grandson Jacob.

Responses from Members via Email below:

“Don and I worked (Aboard Refrigeration) alongside Anne and John for 10 years.  Anne was a mentor and a friend even through long distance after we left Antigua. I always admired her strength, courage and wry humor. Rest in peace, dear Anne, knowing you left behind a very positive legacy.  Condolences John and Jane and family. ”  Eileen Elmore 

“I am very sad to hear of the passing of Ann Ayres.She was a delightful person with a great sense of humor.It was during the week prior to one of the big regatta’s that she displayed a sign in the Signal locker which read “This weeks Thursday race will be on Wednesday”   Best regards,  Brian Smullen