Dear Members,

Some of you will have heard by now on the grape vine that Classics will be based in the Dockyard this year

The Classics Committee were between a rock and a hard place as to who to tell when during negotiations with Ann-Marie, while attempting to keep it generally quiet so that it could be announced with razzmatazz (and not taking into account the bush telegraph!)

The background is that Ann-Marie approached Classics suggesting a one year only deal to add sparkle to both the 30th Classics event and the awarding of heritage status to NPA. The first folks who were told was Franklyn, myself and Tony and Carlo, as approval from them was required even to carry on with the negotiations.

Classics will remain very much an AYC event, with much of the Club moving to the Dockyard which will be taken over in it’s entirety by Classics (no plastic fantastic allowed, they’ll be sent round to AYCM), Classics will remain what we know and love and there is a plan to have a BIG party, possibly on the evening of the Gig Racing et all , i.e. Tuesday to celebrate the heritage status.

Overall, we believe it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the beautiful area that we have the honour of living in, show case the Dockyard to the world and take pride in our island.

There will be a few head aches involved, not least boats all leaving/arriving the Dockyard at nearly the same times but if we all (and the competitors) work together, we could well have a major success on our hands. Life will then go back to being a doddle next year!

A suggestion re boat movements is to have a VHF “VTS” system, if anyone would like to get involved/know anyone who would be good, could you please let me know?

I hope that members will support the event, as usual, in its temporary home.


Clare Cupples, Vice Commodore

On behalf of the Classic Regatta Committee