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    • A test of commitment: a young couple cross the North Atlantic from Michigan to Cornwall 8th August 2018
      Jessie Zevalkink and her fiancé Luke Yeates, sailed from her house to his - 4,800 North Atlantic miles from Michigan to Cornwall Luke asked me marry him. My feet didn’t touch the ground, I was airborne in saying yes. Within a month …Continue reading » The post A test of commitment: a young couple cross […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Woman on a mission: what drives Dee Caffari? How the pioneering sailor went from PE teacher to Volvo skipper 13th July 2018
      For Dee Caffari, skippering a Volvo Ocean Race Team has been the culmination of an extraordinary career (so far!). So why doesn't she feel like she's made it yet? Helen Fretter talked to Dee on her round the world adventure to find out.Leg 4, Melbourne to Hong Kong, Day 12 onboard Turn the Tide on […]
      Helen Fretter
    • The Dark Transat: how to sail across an ocean after total power failure 4th July 2018
      Could you cross the Atlantic with no power? Valentina Vela did just that on her ARC crossing - she explains how they adapted to life without power, while Chris Tibbs has expert tips on dealing with power failure at sea A complete power failure mid-ocean is thankfully rare, and it is usually the charging system […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Volvo Ocean Race confirm next race will be held in IMOCA 60s – but opinions are divided among crews 3rd July 2018
      Volvo Ocean Race organisers have confirmed that the 2021 edition will be held in IMOCA 60 designs. We spoke to sailors and team organisers about what a change of class might mean for the race: After months of speculation – Yachting World broke the story than the IMOCA 60 class were in the final stages […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Dongfeng Race Team wins closest ever Volvo Ocean Race 24th June 2018
      After nine months of racing, Dongfeng Race Team has won the closest ever Volvo Ocean Race Leg 11, from Gothenburg to The Hague, arrivals. Dongfeng Race Team wins Leg 11 to take overall victory in Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. 24 June, 2018. BREAKING NEWS: After nine months of racing, the Volvo Ocean Race was undecided […]
      Helen Fretter
    • COMMENT: The Volvo Ocean Race has finally made offshore sailing a sporting spectacle 15th June 2018
      The Volvo Ocean Race is set up for a fairytale finish, the closest in its history - but the real magic is how we've been able to watch it unfold liveLeg 10, from Cardiff to Gothenburg, arrivals. 14 June, 2018. There was a moment during yesterday’s live broadcast from the Volvo Ocean Race final day […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Who will win the Volvo Ocean Race? With two legs to go it’s tense at the top 8th June 2018
      Just three points split the top three boats in the Volvo Ocean Race - the in-port races might yet decide the winner. We report from Cardiff on how the race is winding up to its conclusion in the Hague in two weeks' timeLeg 9, from Newport to Cardiff, day 3 on board Brunel. Peter Burling […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Pro navigator’s tips on how to use the ocean’s currents for an offshore advantage 5th June 2018
      Top Australian navigator Adrienne Cahalan shares some expert tips on using currents on bluewater passages and ocean racesWIZARD, Sail n: USA70000, Bow n: 70, Owner: Peter & Dave Askew, Country: USA, Division: IRC, Design: Juan K Volvo 70 There are a number of yacht races around the world in which strategic decisions on whether to […]
      Helen Fretter
    • Volvo Ocean Race: new ownership announced for 2021 edition 31st May 2018
      It's been announced that the 2021 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race will be under the Atlantic Ocean Racing Spain's ownershipAlicante stopover. Start. Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race. 22 October, 2017. It's been announced that the 2021 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race will be under the Atlantic Ocean Racing Spain's ownership The post […]
      Stef Bottinelli
    • When skiffs get radical: the high performance new Superfoiler 24th May 2018
      The SuperFoiler is a brand new three-hulled foiler designed to bring the 18ft Skiff concept into the foiling era, Crosbie Lorimer finds out moreSuperFoiler training session at Woollhara Sailing Club in Rose Bay - 18/01/2018 ph. Andrea Francolini The boundary between control and carnage aboard was thoroughly tested on the inaugural SuperFoiler Grand Prix season […]
      Yachting World